What are the qualifications of your caregivers?
  • Caregivers are to have at least six (6) months of experience in the healthcare field as a Certified Nurse Aide, Nurse Aide, Maid, or Infirm.
  • All are eighteen (18) years of age and older.
  • All are able to read and write, which is a state requirement, along with the following checks:
  • Background checks to ensure no felons, neglect, abuse, exploitation, or criminal acts.
  • Employee Disqualification List to ensure there are no past felons or criminal acts.
  • Check against the Office of Inspector General (OIG).
  • E-Verify – for Illegal Immigrants.
How many hours or days can the caregiver provide services if I am a Medicaid recipient?
That is determined by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).
How can I join your company if I am a Medicaid client?
  • Give us a call at 816-363-2252, and we will walk you through the easy process.
  • We will fax your referral to the Jefferson City Medicaid office.
  • Within days and up to two (2) weeks, the Jefferson City office will contact us and let us know whether or not they approved you for services.
  • They will send the referral to DHSS, who will send a caseworker to your home to assess your condition. You will be asked what company you would like to go with. It is your choice to have your services with Home Sitter Agency, Inc.
  • DHSS will contact us and send us your care plan for the services in which you qualify.
  • We will call you to find out the days and times you would like your services to begin.
What must I do if I am a private pay client?
  • Give us a call at 816-363-2252, and the RN or Agency representative will visit you at your home to complete the assessment & simple client information packet with you.
  • We will begin services upon your request and service you for the number of days or hours you desire.
What must I do if I am a veteran or a spouse of a veteran?
  • Call us at 816-363-2252. We will ask questions regarding your need for services and complete a referral, which we will fax to Veterans Home Care (VHC).
  • Once we fax the referral to VHC, you will receive a telephone call from them.
  • Veterans Home Care will notify us of the number of hours and days you or your spouse can receive.
  • We will give you a call to find out what day you wish your services to begin.
What must I do if I need someone to help with my special needs child?
Give HSA, Inc. a call at 816-363-2252 to speak with the Intake Coordinator, who will gather the necessary information and set up a time for the Nurse to do a home visit so we will know how to meet your specific needs best.
Before sending one out to care for my special needs child, can I meet the worker first?
Yes, per your request, you may receive a FREE “meet and greet” to ensure the worker is a good fit for your child.
Can the caregiver go to my appointments with me and take me places?

Yes, for CDS Consumers.

No, for In-Home Clients. Home Sitter Agency, Inc. is not liable for aid in transporting the client anywhere. However, the caregiver can run errands for you.

Can my family members take care of me?
Yes, under the CDS Program, your family member can take care of you. He/She may not be a spouse, and a mother or father may not take care of their children for reimbursement; however, a child may take care of their parent(s).
Can I get twenty-four (24) hour care?
Yes, Home Sitter Agency, Inc. does offer 24-hour care for privately paid clients. For Medicaid recipients, we offer private duty nursing service, and the number of hours you can receive is determined by the DHSS. Veterans Home Care Recipients are determined by VHC.
If I am a private pay client, how much are your services?
Please give us a call at 816-363-2252 so we can discuss the very affordable rate(s) with you. It depends on whether you need an RN, LPN, Certified Nurse Aid, or Nurse Aid. Home Sitter Agency, Inc. will match any other In-Home or CDS company.
Is there a minimum number of hours we must use for private pay recipients?
Yes, there is a two (2) hour minimum.
Do I have to be certified in order to work for Home Sitter Agency, Inc.?
No, but you must have proof of having at least six (6) months of experience doing this type of work and have reliable transportation.
How much are workers paid?
That depends on the level of professional care needed (RN, LPN, CNA, Personal Care Attendant, or Nurse Aide).
Do you offer benefits for your employees?
Yes, we do!